Broomburn Medical Centre

Practice Nurse Services

The nurse manages the following health promotion and chronic diseases in conjunction with the doctors:


Cervical Smears

Cervical smears are advised every three years from the age of 25 - 49 years old, and then five yearly from the age of 50 - 64 years old.

A letter will be sent to patients inviting them to attend for a smear at a suitable time. The results of smears will be posted out to patients.


Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic patients will be sent an annual appointment to attend the nurse, with further follow-up appointments with doctor, podiatrist or dietician if required.


Airways Clinic

Patients who suffer from COPD, (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) i.e. chronic bronchitis or emphysema will be invited to attend this clinic.

Letters of invitation will be sent out or you can phone reception for an appointment.


Blood Pressure Appointments

It is advisable to have your blood pressure checked at least every three years. The nurse will be able to give you lifestyle advice, monitor your blood pressure and start treatment if necessary. Those patients who have high blood pressure and are receiving treatment for it, will be sent invitations to attend the nurse at least annually.


Holiday Vaccinations

Patients planning to travel to an area for which they will require vaccinations should contact the surgery well in advance. Ideally, a vaccination programme should be planned at least eight weeks before departure. Please telephone reception to make an appointment with the practice nurse and provide details of when and to where you are travelling. Some travel vaccinations are non NHS and you will be advised to attend a travel clinic. The practice nurse will advise you at your appointment.


Heart Disease / Epilepsy / Stroke Services / Mental Health

Patients with a history of any of these diseases will be invited to attend the practice nurse annuallly for ongoing management of their condition.